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F1 & F2 Show & Tell Competition

Science Promotion: Maryknoll Fathers' School (Primary Section)

2015 Putonghua Speech Competition for Primary and Secondary Schools

Discovery and Innovation Debating Challenge

Vibrating Robot Relay Race

Science Promotion: Celebrity Student Talk Series IV - Sci-Tech Stars

25.10The Outstanding Scout Group
24.10Annual General Meeting of Student Union
24.10Kick-off Ceremony for the Chinese Reading Mentorship Scheme
24.10Union Election
19.10中一資訊日 F.1 Information Day
19.10Prefect Training Day
17.10The 6th World Junior Wushu Championship
13.10Science Promotion: Bishop Paschang Catholic School
12.10Visit to Sikh Temple
12.10Cultural and Educational Exchange between Italy and Hong Kong
24.09Address at the 59th anniversary Dinner By Fr. M Sloboda
24.09Opening Mass (Sacred Heart) by Fr. M Sloboda
28.07Girls' Badminton Team 1st Runner-up
28.07Boys' Badminton Team Overall Champion
13.07Outstanding Students in HKDSE 2016
25.10Purchase of F.6 Mathematics Mock Examination Papers
25.10Purchase of F.3 Mathematics Territory-wide System Assessment (TSA) supplementary exercises
25.10Form 2 Parents’ Meeting
24.10Results of Club Enrollment
21.10Special Arrangements for PTA Annual General Meeting and F. 1 Parents’ Meeting
21.10Suspension of classes on 21 October 2016
18.10School Picnic
18.10Subsidies for Student Learning Activities
17.10Geography Field Trip to Cheung Chau (F.5X)
17.10Purchase of Geography Exercise Book (F.4X & F.5X)
17.10Visit to the InnoCarnival (F.1 Science Research)
14.10Visit to Hong Kong Science Museum (F.1B)
14.10Visit to St. Francis of Assisi Church (F.1C)
14.10F. 3 After-class Remedial Lesson (District-based Learning Support) Notice of Additional Lessons
14.10F. 2 After-class Remedial Lesson (District-based Learning Support) Notice of Additional Lessons