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60th Anniversary
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23.11 Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival – English Harmonic Speaking (F.2A)
16.11 Form 1 Information Day – Student Helpers
16.11 Form 1 Information Day – Student Ambassador (Students’ tour)
14.11 Geography Field Trip to Cheung Chau (F.5X2 & F.5X3)
13.11A talk by inventor Professor Joseph Hui
13.11 Form 2 Pre-exam Revision Tutorials
09.11Halloween Activities
09.11 AFS Intercultural Fair
09.11The result of Classroom Bulletin Board Decoration Competition of first term
09.11English Zone Activities
06.11 Exploring the Value of Old Shops (F.4D)
02.11 History Mock Examination Practices (F.6 Hist X1)
02.11 Liberal Studies Mock Examination Practices (F.6)
02.11 Visit to the Mei Ho House (F.5 Hist X1)
01.11 Purchase of F.6 Mathematics Mock Examination Papers
31.10 Science Lecture to Children by Dr. Janchai Yingprayoon (2017.11.18)
31.10Hong Kong Scout Rally 2017
31.10Ice Cream Friday, Dress Casual Day and Fr. Geitner Birthday Celebration
31.10Maryknoll Month Closing Address by Supervisor
31.10Student Exchange with Maryknoll Convent School
31.10Rock and Mineral Workshop
31.10 Form 2 Parents’ Meeting
27.10 Exploring the Value of Old Shops (F.4B)
26.10Visit to InnoCarnival 2017 in Hong Kong Science Park
26.1060th Anniversary Thanksgiving Mass
26.10 Dress Casual Day
25.10 Results of Club Enrollment
23.10 i-Learner Chinese Online Learning Programme (F.1 & F.2)
23.10 Purchase of Chinese Supplementary Exercise Book (F.1 to F.4)
23.10Visit to the Hydroponic Farm
23.10Visit to the Stephen Hui Geological Museum
23.10Maryknoll Quiz 2017
20.10 36th Kowloon Group Scout Section - Scout Rally 2017
19.10English Zone Activities and English Ambassadors
19.10Inauguration Ceremony 2017
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