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Outstanding Junior Athlete Awards

Union Election

Inter-school English Debating Competition (Round Two)

Arts Production Workshop

2015 Putonghua Speech Competition for Primary and Secondary Schools

Visit to East Dam

Discovery and Innovation Debating Challenge

Inter-School Basketball Competition 2013-2014

24.03The lunch box supplier has stopped using all meat and poultry from Bazil
22.03Form 6 Thanksgiving Mass
18.03Inter-house Drama Competition
18.03Kazakhstan Teacher Delegation Visit
15.03Science Alive Workshop - The ocean's hidden creatures: the amazing world of plankton
14.03Hong Kong Primary Mathematics Challenge (Semi-Finals)
14.03Science Promotion: Ying Wa Primary School
13.03Hong Kong Youth Science and Technology Invention Competition 16-17
13.03Science Alive - School Tour Show
12.03VR / AR @ MFS Round II
10.03Outstanding Junior Athlete Awards
08.03Hong Kong School Drama Festival
08.03F1 Information Day
07.03The Top Ten Most Important News Election
01.03RTHK interviewed our Science Research
01.03Hang Lung Mathematics Awards 2016
27.02Prefect Training Camp
27.02Form 2 Growth Camp
26.02Alumni Gathering
24.02Visit by the President of Tung Wah College
24.0360th Anniversary : Invitation to Sponsorship / Ordering School Magazine (Alumni Use) (Updated)
17.03Form Test, 2016-2017
09.03Famine Lunch 2017
23.02Fieldwork to Sham Shui Po District (F.3B & F.3D)
17.0240th Fun Fair
15.02Fieldwork to Sham Shui Po District (F.3A & F.3C)
14.02Form 3 Parents’ Meeting
06.02Parent Teacher Association - Spring Picnic
20.01Athletic Meet - Points to Note
20.01Study Tour to Shenzhen (F.3)
20.01Inter-Schools Athletic Competition
18.01Parents' Day - Notice of Interview
16.01Short Cultural Arts Program 2016-17
13.01The 60th Annual Athletic Meet, 2016-2017
13.01Visit to “Ping Shan Heritage Trail”
10.01Parents' Day, 22 January 2017
06.01Special Arrangements for F. 6 Students after the Final Examination
04.01Arts Experiences Programme for Senior Secondary Students
03.01Form 6 Final Examination, 2016-2017
03.01Appointment of New Supervisor