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16.08.2020Hong Kong Student Science Project Competition

2nd Runner-up
Tsei Tze Tung (5C)
Tsui Ho Yin (5D)

24.06.2020The 22nd Hong Kong Youth Science & Technology Innovation Competition

Second Award:
Cheng Siu Cheung (4A)
Kwok Hiu Wai (4D)
Lo Man Nam (4D)

02.06.2020Intel International Science and Engineering Fair 2020

Hong Kong Delegate
Tsei Tze Tung (5C)
Tsui Ho Yin (5D)

19.12.20192019 Kowloon Region Outstanding Students’ Award

Outstanding Students’ Award:
Lam Ka Yee (6D)

05.12.2019Awarding Program for Future Scientists

Third Award:
Tsei Tsz Tung (5C)

07.11.2019The 11th Sham Shui Po District Outstanding Students’ Awards

Senior Section
Outstanding award

Lam Ka Yee (6D)
Junior Section
Commendable awards

Lam Edwin (4D)
Wong Tsz Wai Anthea (4D)
Summer workshop outstanding participation award
Lam Edwin (4D)

17.10.2019Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau Youth Innovation Competition 2019

First Award:
Tsei Tsz Tung (5C)
Tsui Ho Yin (5D)

06.09.2019The 15th Soong Ching Ling Awards for Children’s Invention

Third Award:
Liu Yuet Ling (3A)
Cheng Siu Cheung (3A)

06.09.2019Beijing-Hong Kong Youth Science and Technology Innovation and Exchange Camp

28.05.2019Intel International Science and Engineering Fair 2019

World Finalist
Tsei Tze Tung (4C)

01.04.2019Hong Kong Youth Science and Technology Innovation Competition 18-19

Emerson Award for Material Science (Junior Secondary)
Science Research Class
Chan G Lok (2C)
Chan Lok Yiu (2A)
teacher-in-charge: Ms To Yuen Man

First Award – Biodegradable Cultivation Pot
Science Research Class
Chan G Lok (2C)
Chan Lok Yiu (2A)
teacher-in-charge: Ms To Yuen Man

Merit Award – Can Microbeads be filtered?
Science Research Class
Kwok Hiu Wai (3A)
Lee Ho Lam (3A)
teacher-in-charge: Mr Ma Shiu Wai

Merit Award – Blood Spatter – Be a Crime Scene Investigator
Mr Ma Shiu Wai

13.03.2019ELCHK Theatresports Drama Competition

17.01.2019Outstanding Archery Competition Awards 2018-2019

Second (60M) & Champion (50M) & Second (30M):
3A Cheung Tze Lok

17.01.2019International Biology Olympiad – Hong Kong Contest 2018

Silver Award
5D Wong Ching Hong

Bronze Award
5D Au Man Ting

11.12.2018Applied Learning Scholarships

Form six:
Leung Lok Tung
Tam Suet Yi
Tam Kit Ho

03.12.2018Hong Kong Secondary Schools Debating Competition 2018

Best Speaker Award
MFS English Debate Team:
Ashley Ho (3A)

24.11.20184th International Children Science and Mathematics Festival

Special Award
Lee Ho Lam Franco (3A)

16.11.2018Inter School Swimming Competition 2018-2019

15.11.2018Chinese Martial Arts Group Prize Presentation

Champion of Junior Group:
5C Chan Edwin Ho San

1st runner-up of Open Group:
5B Chan Yuen Ming

2nd runner-up of Junior Group:
5B Wu Kwan Wai

Merit award of Junior Group:
2A Wong Ka Chun
2C Chan G Lok Fergus
2C Ma Chi Hon

05.11.2018The 13th Hong Kong International Wushu Competition

Lam Chun Lung (2D)

05.11.2018STEAM Education: 3D Chinese Cultural Architectural Design Competition

Overall champion
F3 students:

Li Sze Tung
Tse Yuen Chit
Nguyen Bui Thao Phuong
Chen Kam San

05.11.2018The 10th Sham Shui Po District Outstanding Students’ Award

Senior Section
Outstanding award:
6D Au Yeung Sau Ching

Commendable award:
6D Ng Wai Hin
6D Wong Yuen Ki

Junior Section
Commendable award:

3A Kwok Hiu Wai
3A Cheung Tsz Lok
4C Tsei Tsz Tung

19.10.2018Debate Competition

Best Speaker
Ashley Lo (3A)

05.10.2018CUHK Summer Programme of IBL in STEAM

Best Presentation Award
Team member:
Tsui Tai Kwan (4A)
Au Lai Tung (4D)
Ho Chun Shing (4D)
Kwan Tat Yeung (4D)
Lai Keon Lihao (4D)
Peng Chi Fung (4D)
Siu Chung Ming (4D)

24.09.2018China Adolescents Science and Technology Invention Contest 2018

Third award
I.T. Team

02.08.2018MILSET Expo-Sciences Europe 2018

24.07.2018Outstanding Table-tennis Awards

24.07.2018Sport Awards in Hong Kong Schools Sports Federation Inter-School Competitions

24.07.2018Outstanding Archery competition awards

11.07.2018“Privacy Defender” App Design Competition

Grand Prize for Best Partnering School
Team 1
Wong Chi Yuen (4A) - Team Leader
Hui Wing Fai (4C)
Ibardaloza Enan Roi (4A)
Li Nico (4C)
Team 2
Leung Chung Man (4A) - Team Leader
Mui Tin Yan (4D)
Chan Yuen Ming (4B)
Tam Chiu Tin (4B)
Team 3
Wan Ho Ho (4B) - Team Leader
Lam Hon Chung (4B)
Kan Man Chung (4A)
Hui Sze Chai (4B)
Chan Lok Yin (4A)
To Hei (4B)
Cheung Ho Yin (4B)
Team 4
Lo Man Nam (2A) - Team Leader
Lee Ho Lam (2A)
Kwok Hiu Wai (2A)
Liu Yeut Ling (2A)
Yu Cheuk Yiu (2D)

Merit Award
Wong Chi Yuen (4A) - Team Leader
Hui Wing Fai (4C)
Ibardaloza Enan Roi (4A)
Li Nico (4C)

11.07.2018The drawing competition of Sham Shui Po District Council Yan Oi Tong Mei Foo Neighbourhood Activity Center

Second runner-up:
Wong Hing Wai (2D)

Merit prize:
Ching Hei Man (4B)

11.07.2018Hang Lung Young Architect Competition

11.07.2018Computer Science Challenge

23.05.2018International Schools CyberFair 2018

Platinum Award
Lui Ka Tin Mitch (5B) - Web creator, designer, interviewer, video editor
Lo Chi Fung Jims (5B) - Web creator, designer, interviewer
Lee Wang Chung Addison (5B) - Question designer, interviewer
Wong Kwai Yuen Kyle (5B) – Interviewer
To Kin Yin Steve (5D) - Designer, artist
Yau Ho Nam Brian(5C) - Designer, artist
Li Chun Chai Elton (5C) - Researcher
Wong Yik Hin (5A)- Data researcher
Ngai Tsun Hei Sunny (5D) - Researcher
Lee Chiu On Ryan (5C) - Video editor
Chow Ngar Lam Janice (5C) - Video editor
Pang Ka Long Jason (5A) – Recording
Ng Ka Chun Kalvin (5A) - Recording

23.05.20183 Hong Kong - Make Our Lives Easier with AI - App Enhancement Competition

Lui Ka Tin (5B)

21.05.2018Hong Kong Budding Scientists Award Final cum Prize Presentation Ceremony

The Honorable Mention and The Best Presentation Award
Cheng Siu Cheung (2A)
Kwok Hiu Wai (2A)
Lee Ho Lam (2A)
Liu Yuet Ling (2A)
Yu Cheuk Kiu (2D)

26.04.2018Cyber Security Challenge 2017

Merit award
Members of the team are:
Cheung Kit Lun (2B)
Li Ho Wai (2B)
Wong Pak Kwan (6D)

2nd runner-up (Online Quiz Challenge)
Li Ho Wai (2B)

19.04.2018Hong Kong Youth Science and Technology Invention Competition 17-18

A. Intel ISEF Regional Fair Special Award- Mu Alpha Theta award
Science Research Class:
Tsei Tse Tung (3A)

B. Second Award - Applying the Chinese Ring to solve problems in different domains: Gros Sequence or Gray Code?
Science Research Class:
Tsei Tse Tung (3A)

C. Second Award - Creative STEM Competition
I.T. Team:
Au Yeung Sze Ngai (5A)
Li Lok Ki (5C)
Lui Chung Kuen (5C)

D. Merit Award - Utilizing Digital Image in testing Curved Blade Scissors (弧形刀刃剪刀檢測: 利用數碼圖像檢測剪刀實用性)
Science Research Class:
Siu Chun Ming (3A)

26.03.2018Teenpower 2017/18 GIF Design Competition

2nd Runner up:
Lau Tsz Shan (5B)

20.02.2018Most Improvement Student 2017

Outstanding Award
Tsei Tsz Tung (3A)

Excellent Award
Tse Shu Hei (3A)
Li Chun Chai Elton (5C)

15.12.2017"MITIME SPORTS CUP" The 4th China - Asean Wushu Festival

the Women's International Group B (12-17 yrs) Traditional Quan (地躺拳)
Gold medal:

Michelle Yeung (3B)

Group BC (12-39 yrs) Traditional Weapons (梅花刀)
Silver medal:

Michelle Yeung (3B)

24.11.2017The 7th World Kungfu Championships

Women's International Group B
Broadsword (Dao - 梅花刀) : Champion
Other Types of Traditional Quan (地躺拳):- Champion

Michelle Yeung (3B)

24.11.2017The 9th Asian Junior Wushu Championships

Gold Medals:
includes長拳(Changquan )
集體項目(Group Event)

Michelle Yeung (3B)

24.11.20172017 Hong Kong Open Wushu (Competitive and Traditional) Championships

Women's Open:
Individual All-Round(個人全能) Champion
Changquan(長拳): Champion
Broadsword(刀術): Champion
Cudgel(棍術): Merit

Michelle Yeung (3B)

24.11.2017The 3rd Student Biennial Conference

The Budding Scientists Award

28.09.2017PolyU Engineering Summer Camp 2017

Project: Creating 3D Models with CAD software for Augmented Reality (AR) Demonstration

Ng Ming Cheong (6C)

Project: Design an interactive electronic booth game (Fencing Duel) using Raspberry Pi

Wong Yuen Ling (6B)

Project: Mobile App Development Using MIT App Inventor

Chan Tsz Lok (6B)

Project: Design a motion-sensing game using Raspberry Pi and motion sensors

Wong Pak Kwan (6D)

Project: Mini Remote Control Blimp

Yeung Tin Lok (6C)

28.09.2017China Adolescents Science and Technology Invention Contest 2017

First Award - Aspects of Microscopic World:
Cheung Hiu Ming (6D)
Hui Shuk Ching (6D)
Wong Sin Hang (6A)
Mr Leung Ka Ming
Mr Ma ShiuWa
Ms To Yuen Man

Second Award - DIY Mini-Microscope:
Au Yeung Sze Ngai (5A)
Li Chun Chai (5C)
Lui Chung Kuen (5C)
Ms To Yuen Man

Second Award - Cards of Elements:
Cheung Hiu Ming (6D)
Li Lok Ki (5A)
Yim Cheuk Ki (6A)
Mr Leung Ka Yin

Creative Award - A Hidden Mystery of Chinese Ring:
Tsei Tse Tung (3A)
Ms To Yuen Man

Teacher category:
Third Award - Cards of Elements:

Mr. Leung Ka Yin

11.09.2017Outstanding Archery competition awards

the Asian Youth Indoor Archery Open (Hong Kong) (Star Shoot) :
5th runner up
Recurve Bow Grade C in Hong Kong Youth Indoor Archery Open 2017 :
1st runner up
the Recurve Bow Girls Open in the Wing Lung Archery Tournament 2017 :
3rd runner up

Cheung Tze Lok (2A)

03.07.2017Statistics Creative-Writing Competition for Secondary School Students

Cheung Tsz Ching (4D)

08.06.2017“Young and Alcohol Free” Animated GIF Design Contest Hong Kong

Best Animated GIF Award
Lau Wing Wa (5B)

Ng Ming Cheong (5C)
Wong Yuen Ling (5B)

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