Maryknoll Father's School
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School Mission

To enhance students' holistic growth and development in accordance with Christian values.

School Vision

To pursue wisdom and honesty in our search for knowledge. To be loyal and faithful to our country, our society, our family and our school.

School Goals

Goals related to character formation of our students

  • To assist our students to know Jesus Christ and his teaching, and to establish a positive attitude towards life.
  • To cultivate in them a sense of responsibility, initiative and self-discipline.
  • To inculcate in them courtesy, self-confidence, self-respect and respect for others.
  • To help them to be objective and rational, and to solve problems independently and positively.
  • To cultivate in them a high degree of co-operation and team spirit.
  • To train them to be social conscious and responsible, and to have a true spirit of democracy.

Goals related to learning

  • To cultivate in students a lasting interest in learning and independent study.
  • To train them to be conversant in the use of Chinese and English in thought and in communication.
  • To help them appreciate the Chinese culture and patriotism.
  • To provide a suitably multifarious curriculum with adequate activities to help develop their potentials and acquire a balanced education.
  • To help them attain good physical health and adaptability.
  • To cultivate in them an interest in the fine arts and an ability to appreciate them.
  • To provide extra-curricular activities inside and outside the school to help widen their horizon of experience, to enable students at different levels share experience and grow together.

Goals related to provision of resources

  • To provide a suitable environment with adequate equipment to help promote students’ physical and mental health and enhance their sense of belonging.
  • To provide adequate and suitable teaching aids to enhance teaching effectiveness.
  • To provide adequate clerical services with a view to helping teachers concentrate on their teaching and other related duties.
  • To provide opportunities for in-service courses and to encourage the teaching staff to develop themselves professionally.
  • To provide adequate channels of experience sharing so as to enhance teaching efficiency.
  • To provide suitable liaison and co-operation opportunities for staff members to increase staff welfare and to enhance their team spirit and sense of belonging.

Goals related to school management and policies

  • To provide fair and effective systems to reward good students and to counsel and /or
    punish those who deserve punishment, but corporal punishment is strictly forbidden.
  • To provide counselling services to help them understand, face and solve their problems.
  • To provide more channels of communication so as to encourage exchange of views and opinions between management and the staff.
  • To provide opportunities for the staff to participate in the formulation of school policies and their execution.
  • To enable students understand school policies and contribute their views.
  • To enhance liaison between the school and parents with a view helping them understand school policies and condition and participate in the formulation of school policies in due course.
  • To enhance liaison between the school and past students with a view to helping them understand their mother school's current policies and development and participate in the formulation of school policies in due course.

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