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#Information and Communication Technology


Microsoft Innovative Teacher Award 2010 2010-04-18

Ms To Yuen Man, Panel Head of Information and Communication Technology Department, won the title of “Microsoft Innovative Teacher” with project - Using Windows Journal as a FREE white board.

The project aims to improve teaching effectiveness by leveraging Windows Journal as a FREE white board. Window Journal can be used as a powerful tool to explain complicated concepts because the teaching content and relevant notes can be combined together. Moreover, with the use of this visual aid, the lesson becomes more lively to students. By just one click, the content taught can be saved in a file and sent to students. In this way, teachers and students can systematically keep their own records of the topics taught in every lesson. Consequently, students can do revisions at their own pace, resulting in an improvement in academic standard. Window Journal can also enhance the communication between teachers and students. Last but not the least, it allows sick leavers to pick up missed lesson and catch up with other students in the class.

Student helpers:
Chung Tin Lok (3D)
Sham Kay Pui (4A)
Ho Hoi Ying (4B)

#Information and Communication Technology

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