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Distinction in HKAL UE - Luk Yu Yan's reflections 2010-07-11

First and foremost, it really gives me great pleasure to share my experience of studying Use of English with my fellow schoolmates. In fact, it is quite difficult to share my opinion within a passage. Yet, what I can summarize in general is a word ‘PATIENCE’ and it stands for:

P atience:
It is an essence as a whole and it’s also the universal solution for handling all the clumsy tasks.

A ttention: 
Do pay attention to what your teacher says as you can learn lots of tactics for each paper from that.

T actics:
Having examination is more or less like playing a game. And tactics are as important as the game rules. Once you know the game rules, you’ll know how to play the game well. Of course, that’s one of the strategies which my UE teacher, Mr. Yung, taught us. So, again, do pay attention during class!

I dentification:
Identify your own weaknesses after every task.

E limination: 
Eliminate the weaknesses that you have identified. Never turn a blind eye to them as they will eventually be reflected in terms of your low examination scores.

N otebooks: 
Prepare notebooks for jotting down useful vocabularies. It is a very efficient way to enrich your vocabulary bank. I suggest categorizing vocabularies according to their usage since that helps you to locate your wanted word quickly, especially, when you are nervous. For instance, words like ‘wall effect’, ‘renewable energy’, ‘recycle’…etc can be classified under the topic of ‘green’ or ‘environmental conservation’. In that way, when you have to write an essay about the ‘green’ aspect, you can have a virtual ‘list’ of vocabularies in your mind.

C orrection: 
It seems a bit dull to do corrections but it’s undoubtedly useful as it can help you to develop your tactics, identify and eliminate your weaknesses simultaneously

E asy:  
Last but not least, take it easy. Pressure makes us grow but too much pressure makes us sink. Keeping yourself mentally relaxed is my last opinion I want to share with you all.

All in all, I hope what I have shared can be a reference for you to get over your upcoming public examinations. As a matter of fact, I would not say my English is very brilliant. However, I deem that the reason for my satisfactory result in UE is that I did train myself to be sophisticated about the game rules of the HKALE. Certainly, I will not stop learning English which involves cultural and literary dimensions and many others, rather than just writing, listening, speaking, reading and doing practical skills. Nevertheless, for schoolmates who will be sitting for the HKALE, at your current stage, I recommend you to focus on the game, and develop your own strategies that fit you well.

2009-2010 6US
Luk Yu Yan


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