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#Science Promotion #Mini Air Cannon #I.T. Team


Science Promotion: Li Cheng Uk Government Primary School (Day 1) 2010-11-16

To help our students learn more about themselves and the world around them, we have always organized “learning through service activities “for our students.

In this regard, a small group of our students, on 16 November 2010, visited Li Cheng Uk Government Primary School which has a student body of mostly south Asian kids. Our students conducted a workshop for the primary students studying there. This activity challenged our students to learn diversity, social responsibility, leadership and critical thinking. In addition, it offered students opportunities for personal growth, improved social and communication skills.

The students of Li Cheng Uk Government Primary School found the workshop, which was about the construction of air cannons, very interesting.

Mini Air Cannon designed by I.T. Team.

#Science Promotion #Mini Air Cannon #I.T. Team

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