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#Information and Communication Technology


Traffic Safety Web Design Competition 2011-01-08

Five MFS students won 5 awards in Traffic Safety Web Design Competition. It is our honor to have our alumni, Dr CHENG Kam-chung, MH, JP, to present the prizes.

Yeung Hoi Yu (1D)

1st Runner up
Chan Wai Lam (5B)

2nd Runner up
Ho Kin Hang (5B)

Yan Kwan Fung (5B)
Wong Hoi Wai (4B)

Champion: Yeung Hoi Yu (1D). She won 1000 HKD coupon and a notebook.

1st Runner up: Chan Wai Lam (5B). He won 800 HKD coupon and a netbook.

2nd Runner up: Ho Kin Hang (5B). He won 500 HKD and a LCD TV.

Merit Award: Yan Kwan Fung (5B) and Wong Hoi Wai (4B). They won 200 HKD coupon and a 500GB external harddisk.

#Information and Communication Technology

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