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Hong Kong and Macau Inter-School Straw Competition 2011 – City Fire 2011-04-18

港澳中學生飲管比賽2011 – 「城勝追擊」

Two teams of our students, one junior and one senior, have taken part in the Straw Competition 2011 organised by the Department of Physics and Material Science, City University of Hong Kong on 17 April 2011 (Sunday). Each team has to design and construct a device that can launch a ball on the floor. Participants can use only plastic straws and thread, and they must complete the task in 90 minutes. The team sending the ball to the greatest distance will win. Our teams managed to send the ball to a distance of more than 5 metres. Although our record was far behind that of the winning team, our students had lots of fun in putting Physics principles into the game.

Junior Team
Siu Shi Pan (2D), Leader
Chung Man Hong Tom (2D)
Wong Wang On (2A)
Yu Ka Wan (2C)

Senior Team
Ho Cheuk Chung (4D), Leader
Hau Chun Yin (4D)
Chen Zhao Fa (4D)
Wu Tsz Chun (4D)



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