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Sing Yin Physics Olympiad 2011-2012 2012-03-21

The Sin Yin Physics Olympiad (SYPhO) provides a golden opportunity for our students to prepare for the Hong Kong Physics Olympiad (HKPhO) because the former is usually held before the later. This year, the SYPhO was held on 10th March, 2012 and the HKPhO will be held on 17th March, 2012 – one week after.

In this year, we have 6 students from F.5C and 5D participating in the SYPhO senior level (Form 5 Level) and 6 students from F.3 and F.4 in the junior level (Form 4 Level). The outcome in the senior level is very encouraging. Details of awards are shown below:

SYPhO 2011-12 (senior level)
Champion :
Wu Tsz Chun (5D)

1st Runner up :
Hau Chun Yin (5D)

Merit :
Chen Zhao Fa (5D)

Except for Chen Zhao Fa, those who have participated in the SYPhO will also sit for the HKPhO which will take place in the HKUST in the coming Saturday. We, hereby, wish them to continue the success of the SYPhO.

Date: 12th March, 2012


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