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懷念魏樹安老師 2013-04-12

The Alumni Association of MFS would like to offer condolence to
Mr. Ngai Shu On with a prayer service to be held on 11 May 2013.

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In memory of a devoted teacher

Mr. Nga Shu On( 魏樹安先生), a chemistry teacher who served in MFS from 1957 to 1984, passed away peacefully at Prince of Wales Hospital in the morning of 12 April 2013. He will be greatly missed by all who knew him and by the students he taught. The vigil, at Universal Funeral Parlour ( 世界殯儀館), will take place on 3 May 2013 evening.



當年初入瑪神,人生路不熟,得魏老老師指點教路,見面時我一般都稱他 師父。永遠懷念他。



Stephen Wong


Ricky Au


Serena Fung

RIP. I should have paid a visit to him when I was in HK last year. Now it's too late. Very sad. He changed me a lot. Without him, I couldn't go to Maryknoll this good school. Let me pay my sincere tribute to him.

Stephen Mok



It is sad to hear this news but I believe that he really lived a life that matters.

Ki Ki Yue

With Deep Sadness when somber news and memory recalls one of our great
teachers, one who was so knowledgeable, energetic and animated in his profession

Al Yam

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