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F.1 Information Day 2015-11-26

The F.1 Information Day of our school and Young Scientists' Tourney(小小科學家素質大比拼) was successfully held on 21 November 2015.

The results of Young Scientists' Tourney are as follows:
Ng Ka Hei Jeremiah [Maryknoll Fathers’ School (Primary Section)]
1st Runner-up
Luk Chun Hin [Maryknoll Fathers’ School (Primary Section)]
2nd Runner-up
Auson Eugene Rye Ting [St. Francis of Assisi's English Primary School]
Merit Award
Chan Ka Ying [Maryknoll Fathers’ School (Primary Section)]
Chan Yeuk Yin [SKH Kei Fook Primary School]
Chu Cheuk Yin [Ka Ling School of The Precious Blood]
Fung Lok Sam [Maryknoll Fathers’ School (Primary Section)]
Heung Wing Yin Nicole [Maryknoll Fathers’ School (Primary Section)]
Kwan Ho Chung [Alliance Primary School (Tai Hang Tung)]
Lau Ho Nam [S.K.H. Kei Oi Primary School]

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