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F1 & F2 Show & Tell Competition 2016-04-04

The F1 & F2 Show & Tell Competition 2016 was held successfully in March. The winning groups are as follows,

Form 1, Winning Groups:
The first prize: 1C, Meenahill, Umme Aimon Jabeen
The second prize: 1D, Ho Gwyneth, Ma Xiao Yue, Tiffany, Tsei Tsz Tung, Sibie, Wong Yu Ching, Veronica
The third prize: 1A, Lay Wing Yan, Kubi, Leung Ka Ling, Bobo, Ma Ching Yuen, Misty, Wong Wai Yi, Tiffany

Form 2, Winning Groups:
The first prize: 2A, Cheung Wai Yip, Kent, Lau Tat Yi, Dennis, Leung Chapman, Andrew, Leung Chun Yi, Athena
The second prize: 2D, Chan Yuen Ming, Vincey, Cheng Lok Yung, Christy, Lam Bowie, Wu Kwan Wai, Isla
The third prize: 2D, Chan Sun Tsun, Steve, Ha Wing Yan, Kristy, Lau Chung Hang, Harry, Sung Uen Yung, Longwin

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#English Language

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