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Aspects of Microscopic World 2016-06-30

All our Form 1 students worked on a project called “Aspects of Microscopic World” on 30 June 2016 as one of their post-examination activities. Participants gained hands-on experience in data analysis. They had to apply their knowledge across subjects like Mathematics, Biology and Information Technology in their observation under the microscope. Students enjoyed learning through this activity. We would like to express our thanks to all project managers and student helpers!

Project Managers:
Lee Cheuk Yiu (3A)
Leung Chung Ming (3A)
Luk Ka Man (3A)
Cheung Hiu Miug (4D)
Hui Shuk Ching (4D)
Liu Tsun Hei (4D)
Wong Sin Hang (4A)

Student helpers:
Chan Hiu Yu (4C)
Chan Ka Hei (4D)
Chan Ka Wai (4D)
Cheng Kei (4D)
Cheng Shi Le (4A)
Cheung Hoi Tim (4D)
Cheung King To (4C)
Fong Ka Man (4B)
Ho Chun Kin (3A)
Hui Mei Yan (4A)
Hung Lok Yan (3C)
Kan Man Yi (4B)
Leung Lok Tung (3C)
Lui King Tung (4B)
Ma Kwan Yi (3A)
Mak Yim Kwan (3A)
Ng Chun Ho (4D)
Tang Nga Man (4A)
Wong Ching Yan (4B)
Wong Hoi Lam (4A)
Xue Cho Yin (3B)
Yeung Chun Yu (4D)
Yeung Kei Yan (4D)

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