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#Chinese Language #Chinese History #Geography


Guilin Study Tour 2016-07-05

Thirty-eight F.3 students visited Guilin and Yangshuo during the post-examination activities period from 28 June to 1 July 2016.

This study tour aimed to provide opportunities for the students to learn more about the beautiful natural landscape of the sedimentary rocks and the special cultures of various minority ethnic group in Guangxi Province.

This tour enabled our students to broaden their horizons and to embrace the spirit of different minority ethnic groups.

Day 1: Silver Cave, Yangshuo (銀子岩)

Day 2: Li River (漓江鑽石水道) -> Daxu Town (大圩古鎮)

Day 3: Guìlín Yìjiāngyuán Jǐngqū (桂林義江緣景區) -> Grand View Garden Third Sister Liu (劉三姐大觀園) -> Elephant Trunk Hill (象鼻山)

Day 4: Qixing Park (七星公園)

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#Chinese Language #Chinese History #Geography

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