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#Religious Studies & Ethics #Maryknoll Month #Supervisor’s Messages


Maryknoll Month Supervisor’s address 2017-10-10

Today is the start of the school’s first ever Maryknoll Month. What is the Maryknoll Month? Why a Maryknoll Month?

As the school celebrates its founding by the Maryknoll Fathers sixty years ago, we who have inherited the legacy, have a duty to pass it on to future generations to come. To fulfil this calling, we have to truly identify ourselves with the Maryknoll Spirit – to bear witness to the Lord’s two greatest commandments: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind,” and ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.” The Maryknoll Fathers bear witness to the commandments by selflessly serving the poor and the needy, standing up for social justice and for the greater common good.

We are dedicating the entire month of October, the Month of the Holy Rosary, as Maryknoll Month for us to find out what the Maryknoll Spirit truly means.

Most of you would probably have only known and seen the Fathers. But the Maryknoll family includes the Sisters too. In Maryknoll Month, we will connect you to the larger Maryknoll family. Sister Sue will be talking to us on Oct 6 and we have arranged for exchange visits with the Maryknoll Convent School.

The Maryknoll Month’s events begin today with Fr. Geitner introducing the Fathers’ work, followed by many activities throughout the month:
- On Friday, Oct 6. Sister Sue Glass of Maryknoll Sisters will visit and speak on the Sisters’ work.
- Throughout the month, services and games are organized for you to find out through good fun what the Maryknoll family does in HK and in the rest of the world. Please also find time to read the daily newspaper cuttings that the school has posted at the tuck shop area. They include interesting reports on current and international affairs that will help you understand what serving the poor and needy and standing up for social justice means in everyday life.
- The Thanksgiving Mass, the stellar event of our 60th anniversary celebrations, will be celebrated by Cardinal John Tong on Oct 20. Regrettably, due to limited seats at the St. Francis of Assisi Church, only F.1, F.6 and select student representatives can attend.
- The Maryknoll Month will end with jest and joviality with the school’s first ever Dress Casual Day on Oct. 27.

I would like to urge all of you, teachers and students, and especially F.6 students, to value this special opportunity to be involved and discover. F.1- 5 students will still be around for a few more years to appreciate what it means to be a Maryknoller, but for F.6 students, you will be graduating in about 8 months’ time. The Maryknoll Month will be your last good opportunity to savor and develop in depth understanding of your formative years.

Dear Students, you are just at the start of your long marathon of life. Awed by exciting new experiences and adventures, it is unlikely that you would now have a yearning to appreciate and reflect on your formative years. But I can assure you that as you grow older and become more insightful, you will. You will look back, reminisce and ponder what have shaped your character and values that made the person you are, and the choice you made back then which ultimately made a difference. Pursuing academic excellence is no doubt a high priority at this time of your life, and the school is all for your diligent pursuits. But beyond scoring good mark at exams, it is as important, if not more, that you make efforts to acquire social skills and develop strong moral values, so you are holistically prepared for dealing with the many known and unknown challenges in later life.

The Pope has reminded us that a good Catholic education means getting the head, heart and hand to work in unity; to learn, to feel and to do the right things. You will find out that in the long marathon in life, those who would ultimately excel and shine are those who used their head, heart and hand in togetherness. Most of you are conscious of the need to train your head and hand, but please remember, drilling your heart to work rigorously weighs as importantly too. Because if without a heart, you won’t be able to feel and therefore won’t be able to appreciate the true meaning and pleasures of life.

I pray that the Maryknoll Month will help us all, teachers as well as students, to be united and reinvigorated by the Maryknoll Spirit – to love and to serve.

May the Lord’s grace be with us always!

#Religious Studies & Ethics #Maryknoll Month #Supervisor’s Messages

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