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#Maryknoll Month #Supervisor’s Messages


Maryknoll Month Closing Address by Supervisor 2017-10-31

Address by the Supervisor, Agnes Garman Yeh
Maryknoll Month – October 2017 (Closing)

Today we are ending the activities of the Maryknoll Month.

I hope you find the month’s activities to be meaningful, enjoyable, and memorable.

I hope that you have learnt from the quiz and photo competitions about the Maryknoll Fathers’ work with helping the poor and the needy, and on defending social justice; that you have learnt from Sister Sue’s talk on where the Maryknoll family is working around the globe; that you have experienced from last Friday’s Thanksgiving Mass that liturgy and prayers can be so gracefully and movingly presented; and finally from today’s closing celebration, the school’s first ever dress casual and ice cream day, that meaningful learning can also be relaxed and fun filled. And from all of the above, the Maryknoll Spirit in actual practice.

The theme of the Maryknoll Month is “To love is to serve”. Today, we are serving ice cream to all students to celebrate the closing of the Maryknoll Month. Ice cream is often associated with delight and enjoyment. For us at MFS, ice cream also reminds us of Ice Cream Uncle, Mr. Wong Kwong. Ice Cream Uncle served the Tai Hang Tung community in which MFS belongs for more than 60 years. He did not only provide snacks to our students but also laughter and solace along with them. He worked hard to earn a living to bring up a large family, but at the same time he would always extend a big smile and a caring remark that impart love and happiness to those he served. He exemplified for all of us, teachers as well as students, that building a career and filling it with love and passion are complementary and correlative endeavors.

I would like to take a moment to acknowledge and thank the family of the late Ice Cream Uncle for giving his ice cream cart to the school as keepsake for us to always remember this tenderhearted role model. I would also like to thank Nestle Hong Kong Ltd. for sponsoring the restoration of Ice Cream Uncle’s ice cream cart and generously sponsoring the ice cream that the students will enjoy today.

Although the Maryknoll Month is ending today, we should continue to practice the Maryknoll Spirit in every day of the year. Let’s always bear a heart of gratitude for and a sense of duty to carry on the Maryknoll Spirit, in school and outside school, in all of our pursuits.

Pray that the Lord guide us and lead us to be worthy of His calling and fulfill it with honesty, humility and humanity, always.

#Maryknoll Month #Supervisor’s Messages

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