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The result of Classroom Bulletin Board Decoration Competition of first term 2017-11-09

The Classroom Bulletin Board Decoration Competition of first school term was successfully held.
Here are the results:
The champion of form 1 is 1C
The champion of form 2 is 2A
The champion of form 3 is 3C
The champion of form 4 is 4A
The champion of form 5 is 5C
The champion of form 6 is 6B,
The Overall champion is 1C
Congratulations to all the winning classes.
The photos of the winning classes have been posted on the bulletin board near the Hall, all our students are welcome to take a look.
As to appreciate the students who offered their help to decorate the bulletin boards, they will receive a 0.4 merit, and the classes which were able to finish the decoration before School Anniversary Day will get an extra 0.2 merit.

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