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"MITIME SPORTS CUP" The 4th China - Asean Wushu Festival 2017-12-15

Michelle Yeung of class 3B participated in the "MITIME SPORTS CUP" at the 4th China - Asean Wushu Festival from 26-28 November 2017.
She won the gold medal in the Women's International Group B (12-17 yrs) Traditional Quan (地躺拳) and also the silver medal in Group BC (12-39 yrs) Traditional Weapons (梅花刀).
Congratulations to Michelle Yeung!

附加資料: "銘泰体育杯'' 第四屆中國—東盟武術節於11月26日至28日,在廣西桂林市開幕,來自13個國家和地區的79支代表隊、600多名運動員參加。參賽隊伍來自香港、越南、汶萊、寮國、新加坡等東盟國家,也吸引了美國、英國、法國、義大利、加拿大、挪威、土耳其、澳大利亞等國家的武術愛好者參與。

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