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EDB announces class suspension of all schools on 18/9/2018 (Tuesday) 2018-09-17

教育局宣布所有學校於9月18日(星期二) 繼續停課

Severe Typhoon Mangkhut has affected schools to different extent. It takes time for schools to clean and repair school premises and facilities. Moreover, public transport services have not yet resumed completely. In order to ensure student safety, the Education Bureau announces that class suspension of all schools on 18 September 2018 (Tuesday).

In accordance with the established guideline on contingency measures, our school will be open under safe conditions and arrange staff members to take care of students who have a genuine need to return to school in a safe place within the school premises. Parents should consider factors, such as their home conditions, the road conditions in the vicinity, the local district weather and the care that their children need when deciding whether to send them to school.



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