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Supervisor’s Message: Leaders 2018 2018-10-31

Br. Joe, Principal, Teachers and Students,

Today is a memorable day for the students who are swearing in as student leaders. They will be serving as Prefects, House Officials, Committee Members of the Student Union, Clubs and Societies.

Dear student leaders, as you assume your new roles, what do you plan to do to befit your leadership role?

For me, a leader is one who attracts others to follow him/her to pursue a common goal, by words or deeds. A leader stands out above others for his/her integrity, courage, tenacity, selflessness, passion, comradeship, sense of purpose, and above all high moral values with respect to life, justice and serving others.

Some examples of good leaders are Pope Francis, Saint Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela. They championed noble visions for the good of mankind, persevered through many obstacles to reach their goals, and laid the foundation for others to build on. Pope Francis pleads for a more open-minded and integrating society. Mother Teresa cared for those who are the poorest and weakest in our society. Nelson Mandela called for a humanistic and democratic society free from racial discriminations.

Leaders walk their talk, with courage, tenacity and humility. Pope Francis lives a very simple life in a modest guest house instead of in the traditional palatial residence. He demonstrated open mindedness and genuine compassion when dealing with the many controversial issues that confront the modern-day Church, such as divorce, abortion, gender rights, immigrants, clericalism. He fended off staunch oppositions from conservative sectors, went to prisons to meet inmates and dines with the homeless, noticeably allying himself with the humble and underprivileged, and not those in power or the elite.

Mother Teresa spent her entire life living in the poorest areas of Calcutta, India to care for the sick and dying. There is a story about her refusing to drink bottled water offered to her in a meeting in New York, saying that money for such luxurious goods have better use as donation to the poor. Her selfless work now has attracted followers in more than 130 countries in the world.

Nelson Mandela spent 27 of his prime years in prison to fight for his cause. When he was released from jail, he did not avenge on his enemies but instead worked with them to build a modern and apartheid free country. From a prisoner, he became the first black president of South Africa and was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

As you can all see, these good leaders lead by their actions and high moral values. Their followers see that noble and righteous aspirations can indeed be achieved if they pursue them with the same courage and perseverance as their leaders do.

One may argue that Donald Trump is a leader because he got followers who have voted him into the office of the most powerful country in the world. Yes, he is indeed in the office of the President but unfortunately he won’t to consider a real leader by many. A world leader won’t be laughed at by global leaders at a UN General Assembly. A leader of integrity and honesty won’t change his stance on issues in every hour of the day. A leader with respect to humanity would not demean nor mock people, no matter what the situation is. A real leader would always be mindful of mankind’s greater common good than his own self interests.

Dear students, today is the start of your journey to work with others to achieve meaningful goals for yourself, your fellow students and the school. There will be many new skills to learn and experiences to reflect on. To benefit from the experience, you must first and foremost set up a virtuous and righteous goal for your pursuits. Second, manage your time properly and meaningfully, balancing scholastic with extra-curricular activities. Other important traits of a budding new leader include: Be inquisitive when you come across new things; dare to be creative, controversial and speak up to be heard; be diligent and sincere in practicing what you preach; be considerate and fair to others; and always, always, strive to reach higher goals. Remember, your teachers are ready to help you and your fellow students are waiting for you to excite and inspire.

So, go forth to start planning and shaping your journeys that will be memorable and consequential to you in the years to come.

#Supervisor’s Messages

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