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Classroom Bulletin Board Decoration Competition (1st term 2018-2019) 2018-12-11

One of the Major Concerns of our school this year is to inculcate the spirit of ‘Life’. Therefore, the school has set the following themes for the Classroom Bulletin Board Decoration Competition (1st term 2018-2019):

Form 1-2: Cherish Nature, Protect the Environment 愛惜大自然 保護環境
Form 3-4:Respect the Old, Help the Weak 尊重長者 扶助弱小
Form 5-6: My Life, My Dream 我的生命 活現夢想

And the following classes are the winners.

Form 1A

Form 2C

Form 3A

Form 4A

Form 5B and Form 5D

Form 6C

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