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Supervisor’s Message: Sport Day 2019 2019-09-19

Dear Principal, Teachers, Parents, Alumni and Students,

Welcome to the school’s annual athletic meet. A big thank you to all teachers, staff and students who have worked very hard to make this event successful and meaningful.

The highest honor of sportsmanship is to be able to compete in the Olympics, which motto is “Faster, Higher, Stronger”. We all know what “faster” and “higher” means in sports, but what does “stronger” mean in this context.

To be a champion in sports, one of course has to be physically strong to endure the demands of rigorous training, but more importantly, to be emotionally and spiritually strong to impel oneself to attend demanding trainings, to embrace defeats as lessons to do better in the future, and savor victory with humility, empathize with the defeated, and continue to strive for higher excellence.

It is a pity that we have to conduct this athletic meet within 2 weeks after the start of school, giving you little time to practice. September 17 is the only date that this sport ground is available to us so we have no choice. But please do note that this is only a qualifying meet. You shall be able to demonstrate your full competence when we hold a joint athletic meet with Maryknoll Secondary School on November 15. You will have 2 months to be well prepared for the ultimate challenge.

I won’t say that our school has tip top facilities for sports training, but as compared with many other schools, we do have a decent basketball field, a sizeable open playground, and an adequate gym room. There is really no unsurmountable facility limitation for you to improve your competence if you have the will to do so. When urging to you to be tenacious and creative in your quests, I would like to share with you an inspiring story of my school friend, how enterprising she was with working on her goal. Like Lui Xiang, my friend is fascinated by hurdle jumping. But there was no sports field in the school and the public sports grounds do not provide hurdles for practices, so she devised a way to overcome the limitations. She practiced using piled up cartoon boxes as hurdles. Her perseverance led her to win many interschool championships and other honors at university. Please do learn from this true story - do you all you can to overcome obstacles when striving for excellence.

The social events that happened in this summer is leading Hong Kong to unchartered waters – times that will be unpredictable, rough, repressive, divisive. The times will demand us to be spiritually stronger than ever before. We will have to be more enduring, purposeful and discerning in dealing with many new challenges in personal life and in society at large. After my address, Miss Yu will lead us to say a special prayer. In addition to praying for a rewarding event for the school today, we as students of Jesus Christ, will pray with utmost fervency for a virtuous and righteous Hong Kong, where peace and justice will prevail over violence, partisanship and tyranny, and that we will be blessed with Faith, Hope and Love. Please do put all your heart in the prayer.

Enjoy the fun today! Be faster, higher and stronger!

#Supervisor’s Messages

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