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#Science Research #Science Research  #Achievements #STREAM


Award Program for Future Scientists 2019-12-05

Congratulations to Tsei Tsz Tung of F. 5C who won the Third Award in the Award Program for Future Scientists (「明天小小科學家」獎勵活動) held in Beijing, China, from 6 to 11 November with this project titled “A new algorithm to generate Gray Code: Chinese Rings Approach”. She was awarded 5000 RMB.


Award Program for Future Scientists is a science and technology activity for science-loving adolescents jointly organized by China Association for Science and Technology, the Ministry of Education and H.S Chau Foundation. The program focuses on uncovering and fostering young scientific talents for the future. With their science projects as media, this program evaluates students’ capability of logical thinking, hands-on operation and erudition so as to select potential talented students who are interested in science and would like to devote their life to scientific research.

#Science Research #Science Research  #Achievements #STREAM

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