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#Student and External Affairs


2019 Kowloon Region Outstanding Students’ Award 2019-12-19

This year one of our elite students, winner of the Sham Shui Po District Outstanding Student, 6D Lam Ka Yee was nominated for The 2019 Kowloon Region Outstanding Students’ Award. After an individual presentation, a group discussion and a written test, she received the Distinguished Students’ Award in the senior section and was awarded a certificate of distinction, a trophy and a book coupon.
According to the assessment criteria, candidates should possess exceptional personal qualities, exemplary character and a passion for serving the community. The ability to lead and act as a positive role model for other youth is essential. In addition, candidates should demonstrate meritorious academic results, active engagement in extra-curricular activities, extraordinary talents and achievements.
Congratulations to Lam Ka Yee!

#Student and External Affairs

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