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Project Award of FIRST LEGO League 2005 2006-02-25

The Project Award (研究項目獎)is presented to the teams whose quality research, innovative solutions and creative presentation best reflect an in-depth understanding of the various scientific disciplines and issues involved with the Challenge Project. (研究報告陳述獎將頒發給那些研究品質高、解決方案新穎,且能反映出對各種科學原理有深層理解的隊伍。)

The project can be an ocean or sea activity or resource and trace its impact on our oceans’ health, biodiversity, and productivity. The students will learn what the experts and other groups are doing in this area, and identify a challenge they are facing. We are the winners because we were able to create an innovative solution to improve the use of the resource or activity, while minimizing the negative impact on our oceans for present and future generations.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to Prof Put O ANG, Jr (The Chinese University of Hong Kong) and Dr. YAU Po Ming, Eric (Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department) who are willing to conduct an interview with us, and offer advice on the undertaking of the project.

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