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School Notice 2016 - 2017

10.08.2017Arrangements of Subject Dropping in Senior Forms
26.07.2017Class Lists for Form One Students (2017-2018)
25.07.2017Form 4 Elective Subjects Allocation Results 2017-2018
20.07.2017Students shortlisted for Science Research Class
19.07.2017Pre-S1 Internal English Test 2017
15.07.2017Applicants shortlisted for F. 2-4 Entrance Test
11.07.2017Notice to Parents and Students for the New School Year, 2017-2018
11.07.2017Reminders to Students on Appearance and Punctuality
11.07.2017Sale of School Uniform
11.07.2017Standard Tests and Summer Assignments, F.1-3
11.07.2017Summer Assignments, F. 4-5
11.07.2017Textbook List 2017-2018
11.07.2017Used Textbook Sale 2017, Student Union
06.07.20172016-2017 Lunch box fee refund
05.07.2017Youth Geological Conservation Ambassador Training
03.07.2017Application for Admission to F.1
03.07.2017Application for Admission to F.2-F.4
27.06.2017A Talk on HKDSE Result Release and Multiple Pathways for F.6 Students and Parents
24.06.2017Parent Teacher Association - Workshop on Personality Dimensions
22.06.2017Arrangements of Subject Dropping in Senior Forms (F.4 & F.5)
20.06.2017Form 4 & 5 Supplementary Lessons Timetable from 23 Jun (Fri)
16.06.2017Summer Activities Enrollment Results
15.06.2017Reschedule of Instrument Classes
07.06.2017Post-examination Activities
06.06.2017Parent Teacher Association - Results of Parent Manager Election
06.06.2017Community-based After-school Learning and Support Program Ocean Park Visit (F.1 to F.5)
24.05.20172016 – 2017 Form 3 Pre-Exam. Revision Tutorials
22.05.2017Graduation Ceremony and Final Examination
22.05.2017Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination (HKDSE) Special Examination Arrangements (F.4 and F.5)
19.05.2017Final Examination Coverage, 2016-2017
19.05.2017Final Examination, 2016-2017
18.05.2017Parent Teacher Association - Voting Arrangements for Parent Manager Election
17.05.2017Parent Teacher Association - Summer Activities, 2016-2017
17.05.2017Summer Activities, 2016-2017
15.05.2017Form 1 Pre-exam Revision Tutorials
15.05.2017Form 2 Revision Tutorials
15.05.2017Summer Vacation Exercise Books (F.1 to F.3)
11.05.2017Parent Teacher Association - Talk: Love going home
10.05.20172016 – 2017 F. 3 After-class Remedial Lesson (District-based Learning Support) Notice of Rescheduling
02.05.2017Purchase of Form Four Chinese Summer Vacation Exercise
28.04.2017Form 3 Final Examinations of English and Chinese
26.04.2017Parent Teacher Association - Teachers' Day
25.04.2017Articles for Parent Teacher Association Newsletter
24.04.2017Visit to Church of the Annunciation_F.1B
21.04.2017Nomination for the Election of Parent Manager (3rd Session) to the Incorporated Management Committee of MFS
05.04.2017F.3 English Oral Final Examination 2016–2017
05.04.2017Geography Field Trip to Cheung Chau CCC Field Studies Centre / Mui Wo River Study
30.03.2017Parent Teacher Association - Talk: Being a guide to your child in adolescence
30.03.2017Summer School Uniform
24.03.201760th Anniversary : Invitation to Sponsorship / Ordering School Magazine (Alumni Use) (Updated)
17.03.2017Form Test, 2016-2017
09.03.2017Famine Lunch 2017
23.02.2017Fieldwork to Sham Shui Po District (F.3B & F.3D)
17.02.201740th Fun Fair
15.02.2017Fieldwork to Sham Shui Po District (F.3A & F.3C)
14.02.2017Form 3 Parents’ Meeting
06.02.2017Parent Teacher Association - Spring Picnic
20.01.2017Athletic Meet - Points to Note
20.01.2017Study Tour to Shenzhen (F.3)
20.01.2017Inter-Schools Athletic Competition
18.01.2017Parents' Day - Notice of Interview
16.01.2017Short Cultural Arts Program 2016-17
13.01.2017The 60th Annual Athletic Meet, 2016-2017
13.01.2017Visit to “Ping Shan Heritage Trail”
10.01.2017Parents' Day, 22 January 2017
06.01.2017Special Arrangements for F. 6 Students after the Final Examination
04.01.2017Arts Experiences Programme for Senior Secondary Students
03.01.2017Form 6 Final Examination, 2016-2017
03.01.2017Appointment of New Supervisor
03.01.2017Message from the New Supervisor
03.01.201760th Anniversary: Invitation to Sponsorship/Ordering School Magazine
15.12.2016Mock Examination Practices for F.6
15.12.2016Practice of House Cheering and Marching Team (F.1)
15.12.2016Kazakhstan Teaching Delegation Visit – Student Ambassadors
13.12.2016 Visit to SENT Landfill (F.5X3 Geog)
09.12.2016F.6 TOEIC Test
07.12.2016Parent Teacher Association: Visiting the elderly in Sham Shui Po
05.12.2016Form One (2017-2018) Application for Discretionary Places
05.12.2016Christmas Celebration
29.11.2016Parent Teacher Association: Parents’ Tea Gathering on 10 December 2016
21.11.2016Half-Yearly Examination, 2016-2017
21.11.2016Half-Yearly Examination Coverage, 2016-2017
18.11.2016Visit to A Commemoration of the 150th Anniversary of the Birth of Dr. Sun Yat-sen
18.11.2016Form 6 Pre-Mock Examination Practices (Mathematics)
17.11.2016Visit to Church of the Annunciation (F.1D)
16.11.2016Music Appreciation (F.3)
16.11.2016Visit to Hong Kong Science Museum (F.1A)
16.11.2016Form 3 Pre-Exam. Revision Tutorials
14.11.2016 Sports Programme (OLE) (F.1B)
11.11.2016Visit to the Mei Ho House (F.5 History)
11.11.2016Exploring the Value of Old Shops (F.4B)
11.11.2016Pre-exam Revision Tutorials (F.1 & F.2)
10.11.2016Student Learning Concern Survey
03.11.2016Form 1 Information Day - Helpers
03.11.2016F.6 Economics Mock Examination Practices
02.11.2016Admission to Form Two Mathematics Enhancement Programme
02.11.2016Admission to Form Three Mathematics Enhancement Programme
02.11.2016GeoPark Fieldtrip – East Dam, High Island Geological site (F.5X2)
01.11.2016Parent Teacher Association: Parents' Tea Gathering on 12 November 2016
01.11.2016Parent Teacher Association: Membership Fee
31.10.2016Talk and Workshop About Further Studies for F.6
28.10.2016Visit to Jockey Club Museum of Climate Change, CUHK (F.5X3)
28.10.2016AFS Intercultural Fair
25.10.2016Purchase of F.6 Mathematics Mock Examination Papers
25.10.2016Purchase of F.3 Mathematics Territory-wide System Assessment (TSA) supplementary exercises
25.10.2016Form 2 Parents’ Meeting
24.10.2016Results of Club Enrollment
21.10.2016Special Arrangements for PTA Annual General Meeting and F. 1 Parents’ Meeting
21.10.2016Suspension of classes on 21 October 2016
18.10.2016School Picnic
18.10.2016Subsidies for Student Learning Activities
17.10.2016Geography Field Trip to Cheung Chau (F.5X)
17.10.2016Purchase of Geography Exercise Book (F.4X & F.5X)
17.10.2016Visit to the InnoCarnival (F.1 Science Research)
14.10.2016Visit to Hong Kong Science Museum (F.1B)
14.10.2016Visit to St. Francis of Assisi Church (F.1C)
14.10.2016F. 3 After-class Remedial Lesson (District-based Learning Support) Notice of Additional Lessons
14.10.2016F. 2 After-class Remedial Lesson (District-based Learning Support) Notice of Additional Lessons
14.10.2016Visit to Mai Po Nature Reserve (F.4X)
13.10.2016Sports Programme (OLE) (F.1A)
13.10.2016Exploring the Value of Old Shops (F.4C)
12.10.2016Visit to the Central Route, Central and Western Heritage Trail (F.5)
12.10.2016Winter School Uniform
12.10.2016Other Language Courses for Form One Students
12.10.2016F.4A Other Learning Experience: Civic Education Activities
12.10.2016F.4C Other Learning Experience: Civic Education Activities
07.10.2016Form 1 Parents' Meeting, 22/10/2016
07.10.2016Parent Teacher Association: 19th Annual General Meeting, 22/10/2016
07.10.2016Visit to Hong Kong Science Museum (F.1D)
07.10.2016 Sports Programme (OLE) (F.1C)
05.10.2016OLE Economics Field Trip to Fa Yuen Street (F.2D)
05.10.2016Visit to Church of the Annunciation (F.1A)
05.10.2016Club Enrollment
28.09.2016Subscription of Junior Student Standard / South China Morning Post
25.09.2016Use of eNotice & ePayment and Briefing Session
25.09.2016Parent Teacher Association: Nomination for Election of the 19th Executive Committee
23.09.2016i-Learner Chinese Online Learning Programme (F.1 & F.2)
23.09.2016Purchase of Chinese Supplementary Exercise Book (F.1 to F.4)
23.09.20162016/17Arts Experiences Scheme for Senior Secondary Students, by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (F.4)
20.09.2016Docent Tour to Kwun Tong District
16.09.2016Parent Teacher Association: Caritas Fund Raising Bazaar - Invitation for Sponsorships and Volunteers
01.09.2016Parent Teacher Association: Celebration Dinner of the 59th School Anniversary
01.09.2016Medical History of Student, 2016-2017
01.09.2016Standard Tests, September 2016