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60th Anniversary
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23.04.2018 Form 3 Final Examinations of English and Chinese
23.04.2018 Parent Teacher Association: By-Election of IMC Parent Manager (Nomination)
18.04.2018 Parent Teacher Association: Teachers' Day
27.03.2018 60th Anniversary Variety Show Ticket Purchase and Sponsorship
27.03.2018 PTA Talk: Prepare Children to Fly High
27.03.2018 Invitation to student performers in the 60th Anniversary Variety Show
23.03.2018 Visit to ViuTV
21.03.2018 Form 1 Mathematics Olympiad Training Course
21.03.2018 Form 2 Mathematics Olympiad Training Course
21.03.2018 Summer School Uniform
15.03.2018 Form Test Coverage, 2017-2018
14.03.2018 Form Test, 2017-2018
07.03.2018 Famine Lunch 2018
06.03.2018 Reverend John Geitner, M.M.
06.03.2018 Memorial Mass for Rev. John Geitner, M.M., 27/3/2018 (Alumni and Parents)
28.02.2018 Visit to Yim Tin Tsai, Sai Kung (F.5X3 Geog)
28.02.2018 Mathematics Supplementary Lessons for Form 5
27.02.2018 Other Language Courses for Form One Students
22.02.2018 Funeral services for Rev. John A. Geitner, M.M.
12.02.2018 Form 3 Parents’ Meeting
12.02.2018 Collection of ‘Tong Fai’ (F4 to F6)
12.02.2018 Parent Teacher Association: Membership Fee
12.02.2018 70th Hong Kong Schools Music Festival
10.02.2018 Special Arrangements for F. 6 Students after the Final Examination
07.02.2018 Study Tour to Guangzhou (F.1)
31.01.2018 Book Exhibition
23.01.2018 60th Anniversary Walkathon
23.01.2018 Parent Teacher Association Picnic (4 March 2018)
23.01.2018 Student Helpers of Primary and Secondary Section Collaboration Scheme
19.01.2018 Exploring Wan Chai Food Culture (F.5 Hist)
17.01.2018 Visit to Computer Science Department of HKU (F.5X2 ICT)
17.01.2018 Visit to Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence (F.3B)
17.01.2018 Visit to Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence (F.3D)
17.01.2018 Fieldtrip to Inner City Area - Sheung Wan (F5X3)
12.01.2018 Parent Teacher Association: Invitation to Parent Volunteers for 60th Anniversary Open Day
12.01.2018 Purchase of Geography Exercise Book (F.5)
12.01.2018 60th Anniversary Open Day
12.01.2018 60th Anniversary Open Day – Student Ambassadors, Performers and Helpers
10.01.2018 Arts Experiences Programme for Senior Secondary Students (F.4)
09.01.2018 Mental Health Questionnaire 2017-2018 (F.1 & F.2)
05.01.2018 60周年校慶綜藝表演 招募演員
03.01.2018 Exploring the Value of Old Shops (F.4A)
02.01.2018 Cultural Arts Program 2017-18 (F.1 - F.4)
20.12.2017 Purchase of class readers for F.1 and F.2 students
20.12.2017 Form 6 Final Examination, 2017-2018
20.12.2017 Fieldtrip to Inner City Area - Sheung Wan (5X2 Geog)
07.12.2017 Form One (2018-2019) Application for Discretionary Places
06.12.2017 Christmas Celebration
30.11.2017 2017/18 Arts Experiences Scheme for Senior Secondary Students, by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department
30.11.2017 Form 6 Pre-Mock Examination Practices (Mathematics)
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