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Gerald Kent Scholarship Gerald Kent 獎學金
In October 2011, a group of MFS graduates returned to Hong Kong from various countries around the world. They were students of MFS some fifty years ago. Most of them had immigrated to foreign countries soon after their graduation in 1957. After more than half a century, they have decided to meet each other again in Hong Kong. During their stay in Hong Kong, one thing of vital importance for them is to give their mother school an informal visit so as to share their happiness on the progress of the school and to pay tribute to the past and present school supervisors, principals and teaching staff. They also celebrated their re-union by inviting our school supervisor, school managers, Alumni chairman, principals, vice-principals, retired teachers and some teachers to a banquet in Tsim Sha Tsui. During the banquet, amid the strong atmosphere of being one whole family, they came up with the idea of setting up scholarships in honor of a retired teacher, Mr. Gerald Kent, who was their class teacher in the days gone by. There are to be two awards per year: one award is HK $1,000 for an English Scholarship and the other award is HK $1,000 for a Sports scholarship.

A sum of US$ 3128 was received by the school to support these scholarships. The graduates who sponsored the scholarship fund are as follows:

Chan Sau King, Regina Ho Chan 陳秀瓊 
Chui Siu San, Susanne Jung Chui 徐少珊 
Hui Chi Shun 許志信 
Man Kwok Kwong 文國光 
Mang Wai Soong, Wilson 孟偉崧 
Ng Kwok Kuen, John 吳國權 
Seto Yuk Bon, Fred 司徒育邦 
Tam Hin Chiu, George 談顯超 
Wong Kwok Chiu, Goodwyn 黄國釗

Father Geitner and 
Mr Gerald Kent

  Gerald Kent Senior English Prize
Gerald Kent 高中英文獎
Gerald Kent Athletics Scholarship
Gerald Kent 田徑獎學金
Sponsorship: Alumni Donation Alumni Donation
Target students: S4 - S6 S1 - S6
Criteria: Outstanding performance in English (Senior Secondary) Outstanding performance in School Annual Athletic Meet
Students chosen: One student One student
Amount per student
per year (HK$):
1000 1000
Gerald Kent Scholarship Recipients
Gerald Kent Senior English Prize   Gerald Kent Athletics Scholarship
2019-2020 Due to pandemic Due to pandemic
2018-2019 Ng Wai Hin (6D)   Tsang Hinson (6D)
2017-2018 Cheung Siu Ting Matthew (6D)   Wong Ching Yan (6A)
2016-2017 Mok Tsz Lok (6D)   Lee Nga Ting (6A)
2015-2016 Mok Ka Ki (6A)   Cheung Tsz Ki (5A)
2014-2015 So Kwok Wai (6D)   Tsui Tze Hey (6B)
2013-2014 Suen Ka Hang (6A)   Lee Wai Pui (6B)
2012-2013 Tsui Wing Sze (6D)   Chow Tin Nok (5D)
2011-2012 Kwok Yu Yan Yvonne (6UA)   Kot Amanda Yin Tung(2A)

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