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60th Anniversary
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16.01.2020Form One Information Day 2019
10.01.2020Life Education - Sharing through Music
19.12.20192019 Kowloon Region Outstanding Students’ Award
19.12.2019Badge presentation for the Student ambassadors from the School Promotion Team
12.12.2019F3-F4 Positive Education Program (點燃動力) by Counselling Team
12.12.2019F1-F2 Positive Education Program (感恩的心) by Counselling Team
09.12.2019明報: 中學製「兇案現場」 教STEM宗教道德
05.12.2019Awarding Program for Future Scientists
26.11.2019公教報: 模擬案發現場進行跨學科活動
25.11.2019Halloween English Fun Activities
08.11.2019F5-F6 Positive Education Program (逆風飛翔) by Counselling Team
07.11.2019Theatresports Experience Day
07.11.2019Badge Presentation Ceremony
07.11.2019The 11th Sham Shui Po District Outstanding Students’ Awards
06.11.2019Sunday Examiner: Sports day prayer for Hong Kong
06.11.2019公教報: 瑪利諾神父教會學校陸運會
25.10.2019Inauguration Ceremony 2019
25.10.2019Club Promotion Day 2019
17.10.2019Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau Youth Innovation Competition 2019
14.10.2019F1 Meet the Campus Activity
03.10.2019Annual Athletic Meet--Pray for Hong Kong
26.09.2019Elderly home visit
23.09.2019Graffiti Tutti
19.09.2019Supervisor’s Message: Sport Day 2019
19.09.2019F.1 Orientation Workshop 2019
19.09.2019"Joyful@HK" Campaign - Teacher Professional Development
06.09.2019Supervisor’s Message: Start of School 2019
06.09.2019F.1 Orientation Day
06.09.2019The 15th Soong Ching Ling Awards for Children’s Invention
06.09.2019Beijing-Hong Kong Youth Science and Technology Innovation and Exchange Camp
22.08.2019Alumni Career Exploration Day
20.07.20192019 End-of-term ceremonies
18.07.2019Leadership Training Camp
18.07.2019Bulgaria and Romania Youth Exchange Tour
17.07.2019End of Term Ceremony
17.07.2019Media Release:知識雜誌:「星之子」劉德誠、劉德健: 做自己人生的「科學家」
12.07.2019MFS Creative Writing Competition 2018-2019
11.07.2019Outstanding 2019 HKDSE results
09.07.2019Peer Counsellors’ Consolidation Camp
09.07.2019Music Programme for F.2 & F.3 students
09.07.2019Games Day 「贏在幸福起跑線」for F.1 students
08.07.2019Religious Talk for F.3 & F.4 students
08.07.2019《Stylish Stage: Find Your Body Through Music》(Hip Hop in Practice Project)
08.07.2019Life Talk for F.1 & F.5 students
05.07.2019Life Education Drama –《喜跑線》 for F.4 & F.5 students
03.07.2019Science Promotion: St. Francis of Assisi's English Primary School
02.07.2019F.3 Social Simulation Game
28.06.2019A Talk on HKDSE Result Release and Multiple Pathways for F.6 Students and Parents
11.06.201961st Graduation Ceremony
31.05.2019Visit to the Court of Final Appeal
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