Maryknoll Father's School
60th Anniversary
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13.11.2018Peer Counsellor Hiking Activity
12.11.2018Peer Counsellor Training Camp
09.11.2018Media Release: eZone: 藉法證學STEM 活學好玩更投入
08.11.2018Visit by a Taiwan University
08.11.2018Career Assistants Badge Presentation
08.11.2018Alumni Sharing
08.11.2018Form One Charades
08.11.2018Blood Spatter – Be a Crime Scene Investigator
05.11.2018The 13th Hong Kong International Wushu Competition
05.11.2018STEAM Education: 3D Chinese Cultural Architectural Design Competition
05.11.2018The 10th Sham Shui Po District Outstanding Students’ Award
05.11.2018Maryknoll Day 2018
05.11.2018Form Two Lunchtime English Activities
05.11.2018Haunted House
05.11.2018Young Post – Ace crime fighter
05.11.2018Inter-school Oral Practice
05.11.2018Outreach Program
05.11.2018A talk on South Pole
31.10.2018Supervisor’s Message: Leaders 2018
19.10.2018Club Promotion Day 2018
19.10.2018Debate Competition
18.10.2018English Movie Show
05.10.2018CUHK Summer Programme of IBL in STEAM
02.10.2018STEM Video Show
02.10.2018Positive Thinking Talks
26.09.2018Homily for term opening Mass at St. Francis of Assisi
24.09.2018China Adolescents Science and Technology Invention Contest 2018
10.09.2018F.1 Orientation Day
02.08.201860th Anniversary Variety Show
02.08.2018MILSET Expo-Sciences Europe 2018
24.07.2018Outstanding Table-tennis Awards
24.07.2018Sport Awards in Hong Kong Schools Sports Federation Inter-School Competitions
24.07.2018Outstanding Archery competition awards
19.07.2018Leadership Training Camp
18.07.2018Parent Teacher Association Newsletter 2018
12.07.2018End of Term Ceremony
11.07.2018Students with outstanding results in HKDSE 2018
11.07.2018“Privacy Defender” App Design Competition
11.07.2018Science Promotion: Ka Ling School Of The Precious Blood
11.07.2018ICT Summer Activity (26-06-2018)
11.07.2018The drawing competition of Sham Shui Po District Council Yan Oi Tong Mei Foo Neighbourhood Activity Center
11.07.2018Hang Lung Young Architect Competition
11.07.2018World Telecommunication and Information Society Day – Hong Kong 2018
11.07.2018Computer Science Challenge
29.06.2018MFS Creative Writing Competition
18.06.2018Homily for Frs. Reilly and Geitner
28.05.201860th Graduation Ceremony
28.05.2018Our School Completed the 2-year Service Learning Programme Organized by HKBU
23.05.2018International Schools CyberFair 2018
23.05.20183 Hong Kong - Make Our Lives Easier with AI - App Enhancement Competition
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