Maryknoll Father's School
60th Anniversary
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31.10.2017Student Exchange with Maryknoll Convent School
31.10.2017Rock and Mineral Workshop
26.10.2017Visit to InnoCarnival 2017 in Hong Kong Science Park
26.10.201760th Anniversary Thanksgiving Mass
23.10.2017Visit to the Hydroponic Farm
23.10.2017Visit to the Stephen Hui Geological Museum
23.10.2017Maryknoll Quiz 2017
19.10.2017English Zone Activities and English Ambassadors
19.10.2017Inauguration Ceremony 2017
17.10.2017Club Promotion Day 2017
17.10.2017Hang Lung Young Architects Program Launch Ceremony and Guided Tour
16.10.2017A talk on “Social Entrepreneurship School Education” for F4and F5 students
11.10.2017Talk by Sr. Sue Glass
11.10.2017English Society - Lantern Making Activity
11.10.2017Maryknoll Month Opening Service
10.10.2017Maryknoll Month Supervisor’s address
03.10.2017Term Opening Masses 2017
28.09.2017Foundation Day English Zone Activities 2017
28.09.2017My Personal Growth Development Program 2017
28.09.2017PolyU Engineering Summer Camp 2017
28.09.2017China Adolescents Science and Technology Invention Contest 2017
26.09.201760th Anniversary Football Match
26.09.2017Term Opening Mass (Form 4 to Form 6)
19.09.2017Visit to Overseas University Fair
19.09.20172017 GeoPark School Summer Exchange Program
19.09.2017NWS Geo-Conservation Ambassador Training Scheme 2017
11.09.2017Meeting with Chief Executive in Government House
11.09.2017Outstanding Archery competition awards
25.08.2017Sharing by Retired Assistant Director of Water Supplies
25.08.2017Sharing by a Student Ambassador from City University
25.08.2017Our Students Organized Events with HKBU Students for the Elderly
25.08.2017Historical and Cultural cum Teenager Exchange Tour to Shanwei
25.08.2017Career Exhibition
18.08.2017Maryknoll Learning Journey in China
08.08.2017Beijing-Xi'an Aerospace Science and Technology Study Tour
31.07.2017Form Four Leadership Training Camp
31.07.2017Geography visit - Swire-Coca-cola bottling plant
30.07.2017Beijing-Hong Kong Youth Science and Technology Innovation and Exchange Camp
19.07.2017MFS Primary and Secondary religious collaboration 2017
18.07.2017Science Promotion: Ka Ling School Of The Precious Blood
12.07.2017Students with outstanding results in HKDSE 2017
06.07.2017Science Promotion: Maryknoll Fathers' School (Secondary Section)
06.07.2017Science Promotion: Baptist Rainbow Primary School
04.07.2017F.3 Finance Semniar
03.07.2017Statistics Creative-Writing Competition for Secondary School Students
01.07.2017Science Promotion: Bishop Paschang Catholic School
30.06.2017Anti-drug and volunteer day
21.06.2017Science Promotion: St. Francis of Assisi's English Primary School
21.06.2017Science Promotion: North Point Government Primary School
08.06.2017“Young and Alcohol Free” Animated GIF Design Contest Hong Kong
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