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Ms. Chow Siu Ming (周筱鳴) [Head]
Ms. Tai Pui Kei (戴沛琪)


The Rationale of Business, Accounting and Financial Studies (BAFS)

Business and financial activities constitute an integral part of our daily lives as we work, consume, save and invest.

Business education aims to nurture students’ interest and talent in business by developing in them the necessary knowledge and skills, positive values and attitudes to create value through identifying needs, generating ideas and transforming them into business opportunities.

In the business environment, accounting serves as a language of business for both internal and external communication. People use accounting information, together with other business knowledge such as finance, marketing, and human resources, in making business decisions. The curriculum of BAFS enables students to acquire a common body of business knowledge, including accounting, to deal with the dynamic business environment.

Besides providing students with knowledge and skills for dealing with business and financial activities in adult life, business education also aims to promote qualities of citizenship. Students are given opportunities to develop ethical and responsible behaviour so that they can fulfil their roles effectively as consumers, investors, employees or entrepreneurs in adult life. Students are expected to take social and ethical considerations into account in analysing and evaluating business issues. In a fast-changing and knowledge-based local and global economy, they need to possess a variety of intellectual and communication skills, as well as positive values and attitudes, so that they can act competently, confidently, and ethically in various situations. They also have to be conversant with the business environment, so as to make effective decisions, not only as members of the business world, but also as socially responsible citizens.


12.03.2020Distinguished academic achievements by one of our alumni — First Class Honours at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
17.12.2014Supplementary Lessons for Form 6 Students
12.09.2014Purchase of BAFS School Monthly Journal
12.09.2014Visit to Cathay Pacific City
27.02.2012Business and Entrepreneurship Enhancement Programme
23.06.2011JA Personal Finance Workshop (F.3 & F.4)
02.07.2010Self Finance Workshop (F.3 & F.4)
25.06.2010HSBC Living Finance Seminar (F.3 & F.4)
25.06.2010HSBC Living Finance Workshop (F.3 & F.4)
25.06.2010JA Personal Finance Workshop (F.3 & F.4)
25.06.2010Self Finance Workshop (F.3 & F.4)


Teaching Resources

Form 3    Principles of Accounts

1.   Introduction 1

2.   S3 Chapter 1

3.   S3 Chapter 2

4.   S3 Chapter 3

5.   S3 Chapter 4

6.   S3 Chapter 5

7.   S3 Chapter 6

8.   Financial Plan


Useful Websites for  Business Subjects 


Business Environment Council 商業環保協會

Chinese General Chamber of Commerce 香港中華總商會

Chinese Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong 香港中華廠商聯合會

Chinese Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong – SME Net 香港中華廠商聯合會  –  中小企網頁

Commerce & Economic Development Bureau 商貿及經濟發展局

Consumer Council 消費者委員會

Federation of Hong Kong Industries 香港工業總會

Financial and Services Bureau 財經事務及庫務局   

Hongkong Federation of Youth Groups 香港青年協會

Hong Kong Association of Banks 香港銀行公會

Hong Kong Ethics Development Centre香港道德發展中心

Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited 香港交易所

Hong Kong Export Credit Insurance Corporation 香港出口信用保險局

Hong Kong Franchise Association 香港特許經營權協會

Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce 香港總商會

Hong Kong Monetary Authority 香港金融管理局

Hong Kong Mortgage Corporation Limited 香港按揭證券有限公司

Hong Kong Productivity Council 香港生產力促進局

Hong Kong Trade Development Council 香港貿易發展局

Hong Kong Trader

Invest Hong Kong 投資推廣署

Junior Achievement Hong Kong 國際成就計劃香港部

Junior Chamber International Hong Kong 國際青年商會香港總會

Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority 強制性公積金計劃管理局

Official Receiver’s Office 破產管理局

RTHK on internet 香港電台

Security and Futures Commission 證券及期貨事務監察委員會

Trade and Industry Department 工業貿易處

Youth Development Council (YDC) 青年企業家發展局


Associations  公會及學會

Hong Kong Institute of Accredited Accounting Technicians 香港財務會計協會

Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants 香港會計師公會

Hong Kong Institute of Human Resource Management 香港人力資源管理學會

Hong Kong Institute of Marketing 香港市務學會

Hong Kong Management Association 香港管理專業協會

Hong Kong Society of Financial Analysts 香港財經分析師學會

Institute of Financial Planners of Hong Kong 香港財務策劃師學會

Society of Registered Financial Planners 註冊財務策劃師協會

Taxation Institute of Hong Kong 香港稅務學會

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