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60th Anniversary
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Ms. Li Shun Wah (李舜華)[Head]
Mr. Chan Kwok Hung (陳國雄)
Ms. Chan Ting Lam (陳亭霖)
Ms. Law Chui Lam (羅翠琳)
Ms. Tso Suet Lin (曹雪蓮)
Ms. Tung Yee Man (董綺雯)
Ms. Yip Tak Nam (葉德藍)


  • to enhance students’ understanding of themselves, their society, their nation, the human world and the physical environment;
  • to enable students to develop multiple perspectives on perennial and contemporary issues in different contexts;
  • to help students become independent thinkers so that they can construct knowledge appropriate to changing personal and social circumstances;
  • to develop in students a range of skills for life-long learning, including critical thinking skills, creativity, problem-solving skills, communication skills and information technology skills;
  • to help students appreciate and respect diversity in cultures and views in a pluralistic society and handle conflicting values; and
  • to help students develop positive values and attitude towards life, so that they can become informed and responsible citizens of society, the country and the world.


12.10.2016Visit to Sikh Temple
11.06.2014Online voting for a Campus TV video in the competition “夢想工程”
26.05.2014Liberal Studies Quiz Competition 2014
02.10.2013 Chief Executive Forum (F.6A & F.6C)
19.03.2012 Study Tour to Guangzhou and Wuhan, Centenary of 1911 Revolution and Modern China
06.01.2012Mr Ng receiving interview with TVB
16.09.2011Consumer Culture Study Award XII
12.04.2011 Visit to Legislative Council (F.4C)
21.03.2011 Liberal Studies Critical Writing Skills for Exam Training Workshop (F.4)
09.11.2010 Visit to Legislative Council (F.F4B)
28.10.2010 Visit to Legislative Council (F.4D)
28.10.2010 Purchase of F.5 Liberal Studies Reference Books
28.10.2010 Liberal Studies Tutorial Classes (IES) (F.5)
07.09.2010 Purchase of F.4 and F.5 Liberal Studies Reference Books
25.06.2010 MOI of Liberal Studies
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