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  1. In the 21st century, students must understand how technology affects us. The students will be equipped to use technology effectively and flexibly to solve daily problems with positive attitude and ethically at home, in the community, and around the world; and to create new solutions.
  2. To equips students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to address rapid change, in order to develop students’ intellectual capacity and lifelong learning.
  3. To provides opportunities for students to develop key generic skills such as critical thinking, communication, creativity and problem-solving.


02.06.2020Intel International Science and Engineering Fair 2020
09.12.2019明報: 中學製「兇案現場」 教STEM宗教道德
26.11.2019公教報: 模擬案發現場進行跨學科活動
17.10.2019Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau Youth Innovation Competition 2019
14.10.2019F1 Meet the Campus Activity
28.05.2019Intel International Science and Engineering Fair 2019


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