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Ms. Yu Pui Sai (余佩茜) [Head]
Ms. Lau Nga Sze (劉雅思)
Ms. Li Shun Wah (李舜華)
Mr. Wan Lap Hin (還立軒)
Mr. Yeung Ho Hei (楊浩熙)


To assist our students to know Jesus Christ and his teaching, and to establish positive values and attitudes towards life. To cultivate students' perseverance to face life challenges, value conflicts in society and to cope with diversities. To inculcate in students' responsibility and the commitment to the well-being of themselves, their families, the society, the nation and human-kind in general. To cultivate students' self-respect and respect for others, to appreciate and tolerate views and beliefs different from their own.


07.02.2020Spiritual Corner
09.12.2019明報: 中學製「兇案現場」 教STEM宗教道德
26.11.2019公教報: 模擬案發現場進行跨學科活動
08.07.2019Religious Talk for F.3 & F.4 students
05.11.2018Maryknoll Day 2018
12.06.2018Fr. Reilly Memorial Mass 16 June 2018
21.05.2018May Crowning 2018
24.11.2017Caritas Bazaar 2017
31.10.2017Student Exchange with Maryknoll Convent School
26.10.201760th Anniversary Thanksgiving Mass
23.10.2017Maryknoll Quiz 2017
11.10.2017Talk by Sr. Sue Glass
11.10.2017Maryknoll Month Opening Service
10.10.2017Maryknoll Month Supervisor’s address
03.10.2017Term Opening Masses 2017
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