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Ms. To Yuen Man (陶婉雯) [Head]
Mr. Leung Ka Ming (梁嘉明)
Mr. Ma Shiu Wai (馬肇偉)


The program is a three-year course designed to provide students with an understanding of research methods in the sciences. It is directed at students who have a keen interest in science and would like to pursue excellence and progress in areas of original research. Students must be highly motivated and able to work independently.

The course aimed at developing students’ critical thinking, problem solving and creativity. Furthermore, equipping students with skills to test innovative products. The second half of the second and third year will be based on topics of interest chosen by students with consultation support.

This program requires that each student construct a research project of their own design and present their work at various competitions and symposiums.


06.09.2019The 15th Soong Ching Ling Awards for Children’s Invention
06.09.2019Beijing-Hong Kong Youth Science and Technology Innovation and Exchange Camp
17.07.2019Media Release:知識雜誌:「星之子」劉德誠、劉德健: 做自己人生的「科學家」
03.07.2019Science Promotion: St. Francis of Assisi's English Primary School
29.05.2019Our teacher and students interviewed by RTHK on STEM Education
28.05.2019Intel International Science and Engineering Fair 2019
02.04.2019 Recruitment for Science Research Class 2019-2020
01.04.2019Hong Kong Youth Science and Technology Innovation Competition 18-19
25.03.2019Hong Kong Student Science Project Competition 2019
25.02.2019Media Release:知識雜誌:「星之女」簡泳怡 人生有take2
19.02.2019Media Release:兒童的科學: 微塑膠過濾法
24.12.2018Media Release:兒童的科學: 模擬CSI
24.11.20184th International Children Science and Mathematics Festival
09.11.2018Media Release: eZone: 藉法證學STEM 活學好玩更投入
08.11.2018Blood Spatter – Be a Crime Scene Investigator
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