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Mr. Chan Wing Ngoi (陳榮凱) [Head]
Mr. Chow Kai Yin (周啟賢)


13.06.2018STEM Activity for S5 students of Physics
13.06.2018STEM Activity for S4 students of Physics
18.03.2017Kazakhstan Teacher Delegation Visit
13.11.2014Vibrating Robot Relay Race
20.12.2013Supplementary Lesson, F. 5 Physics (X3)
08.11.2013Joint School Salt Water Fuel Cell Car Race
15.10.2013Joint School Salt Water Fuel Cell Car Contest
14.06.2013Science Talks and Laboratory Tour (F.3)
28.06.2012Hong Kong Physics Olympiad 2011-2012
28.05.2012Science Talks and Laboratory Tour (F.3)
22.05.2012Optional Form 4 Physics Tutorial Class
21.03.2012Sing Yin Physics Olympiad 2011-2012
13.05.2011Science Talks and Laboratory Tour
18.04.2011Hong Kong and Macau Inter-School Straw Competition 2011 – City Fire
10.08.2009Inter-School Renewable Energy Design Contest
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Open Course
Oxford University
Standford University
Princeton university
Berkely University

Physics World 物理園
Provide updated information on educational acitivities and current developments of science and technology. You may find answers to many physics related questions in this web sites.

Demolab 物理教學示範實驗教室
This web site includes a large number of interactive CAL programs covering almost the whole Physics syllabus at both CE and AL.

香港教育城 物理廊    
Provide information about the activities organized by the EMB, for instance the Physics Olympics.

Physics 2000         
This web site mainly focuses on Modern Physics. It is suitable for students at A Level or above. Applets and animations are used to help readers understand the contents.

How things work?    
This web site explains the Physics of everyday life using Q & A.

This website contains simulations which are designed to allow for experimentation and exploration of scientific concepts. Students can find a rich and growing collection of easy-to-use and highly interactive multimedia activities.

The Physics Question of the Week    
Every week there is a new question post in the web site about some Physics experiments. The answer to the question will be given on the following week. Usually video clips are included to show the answers.

Physics On-line   
Information & resources for high school physics

The movie clip of a real-life example of resonance : Collapse of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge.

Ocean Park    
Provide resources materials about Turbo Drop, Cable Car, Ocean Theatre, Roller Coaster and Tower in the Ocean Park.

Particle Physics     
This website explains one of the most important principle in Physics (Conservation of Energy). It includes different sub-topics, which explain how this principle work on electrons, masses, charges etc.


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