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Message from the New Supervisor

The Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers bear witness to the gospel through serving the needy around the globe, leading and inspiring with openness and courage in embracing challenges. In appointing me, the first lay person to the role of Supervisor of the Maryknoll Fathers’ School primary and secondary sections, the Fathers demonstrated their zeal to empower the laity in the evangelization mission. I am greatly honored by the appointment and at the same time, most humbled by the enormous responsibility I shall shoulder to guide the school according to Maryknoll values.

The Maryknoll Sisters provided an open and loving environment for me to pursue truth and knowledge in primary and secondary school. At university, I was greatly inspired by the Maryknoll Fathers’ devotion to better society and upholding social justice. The enlightenment I received from the Maryknoll family guides me to this day.

In my career in banking, I prevailed through the eras of automation in the 80’s, development of new markets in the 90’s, intense anti-terrorist compliance scrutiny after 911, and combating the 2008 financial tsunami. These experiences taught me that in order to successfully transcend into new worlds, one must be bold and adventurous with acquiring new skills, adaptive to new trends, and persist with tenacity and conviction.

My first priority as Supervisor will be to earnestly implement the three major initiatives identified in the school’s three-year plan: 
1. Cater for learner diversity; 
2. Sharpen English proficiency; 
3. Foster spiritual development.

I have much to learn in my new role but I am confident that I shall learn fast and be effective very soon. I beseech past supervisors, principals, teachers and alumni to endow me with their insights on enhancing school management, and support from students and their parents to help me perform efficaciously. I pray that joined by the same heart, the same mind and the same will, together we will realize the Maryknoll Fathers’ vision in preparing students to pursue TRUTH and LOYALTY in their life long journeys, for the betterment of themselves and society.

Last but certainly not least, I would like to thank Fr. Sloboda for his dedication to the school in the past five years. In spite of his heavy commitments at the parish, he served the school tirelessly and with the most loving heart. I certainly would not be able to do many of the things he did, such as celebrate mass, deliver enchanting homilies and fatherly care, but I shall try my best to follow his example to uphold and emblemize the Maryknoll values in words and deeds.

As we start the New Year, I look forward to writing a new chapter for Maryknoll Fathers’ School with all of you, filling it with compassion, purposefulness, faith and renewed energy.

Ms. Agnes G. Yeh Supervisor





1. 照顧學生學習的多元性; 
2. 砥礪學生的英語水平; 
3. 陶育學生的心靈發展。




校監 葉嘉雯 女士

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