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29.11.2016Parent Teacher Association: Parents’ Tea Gathering on 10 December 2016
01.11.2016Parent Teacher Association: Parents' Tea Gathering on 12 November 2016
01.11.2016Parent Teacher Association: Membership Fee
21.10.2016Special Arrangements for PTA Annual General Meeting and F. 1 Parents’ Meeting
07.10.2016Parent Teacher Association: 19th Annual General Meeting, 22/10/2016
25.09.2016Parent Teacher Association: Nomination for Election of the 19th Executive Committee
16.09.2016Parent Teacher Association: Caritas Fund Raising Bazaar - Invitation for Sponsorships and Volunteers
01.09.2016Parent Teacher Association: Celebration Dinner of the 59th School Anniversary
17.05.2016Parent Teacher Association : Summer Activities
05.05.2016Parent Teacher Association: Tea Gathering, 21 May 2016
22.04.2016Parent Teacher Association: Parents-Also-Appreciate-Teachers Drive, 10 May 2016
15.04.2016Articles for Parent Teacher Association Newsletter 2016
22.03.2016Parent Teacher Association: Talks and Tea Gathering, 16 April 2016
01.02.2016Parent Teacher Association: Spring Picnic, 13 March 2016
27.11.2015Parent Teacher Association: Parents' Tea Gathering on 12 December 2015
04.11.2015Parent Teacher Association: Parents' Tea Gathering on 14 November 2015
04.11.2015Parent Teacher Association: Registration and membership fee
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